What We Do

Working together in partnership, networking, collaborating and sharing resources is how our programs and committees are grown, strengthened and effectively impact our community. Want to know more? Visit one of these programs listed here.

Resilient Gwinnett builds resilient communities within Gwinnett by creating a shared understanding of adversity and resilience, promoting trauma-informed practices, and advocating for policy and system change.

Gwinnett Cares’ online resource center and the Gwinnett Cares Helpline serve as Gwinnett’s go-to sources for information about how to get help or give help in our community. Our goal is connect you to the nonprofits, programs,  and services you need to thrive and to align partner resources to ensure we deliver the greatest collective impact!

Gwinnett Health Finder is a web-based, mobile-friendly tool designed, by the Gwinnett Coalition in partnership with GNR Public Health, to help improve health equity and access to quality health care for Gwinnett’s uninsured and underinsured population.

Gwinnett Health Equity Fund

Gwinnett County has the largest uninsured population in Georgia with more than 170,000 uninsured residents. We’re working to remove one of the greatest barriers to accessing healthcare for our underinsured and uninsured neighbors – the cost of service. You can help by investing in the Gwinnett Health Equity Fund. These funds will be used to cover the cost of healthcare services through partnerships with existing Gwinnett Health Finder service providers.

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