Strategic Plan

Coalition participation takes many forms and we encourage you to consider how you or your organization can contribute to our efforts. Each effort is measured and evaluated through our Gwinnett Coalition Strategic Plan. We invite you to explore and learn about our efforts conducted over a five year period of time with our community partners.

Together, we can work towards ensuring the strength and viability of our core ideals of strong individuals, families and communities by addressing six strategic areas: basic needs, education, economic and financial stability, health & well-being, safety and community relations and engagement.  Each of these 6 strategic areas are addressed through a number of committees who work to achieve Coalition goals, objectives, benchmarks, and activities, which are measured through our Strategic Plan process.


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Gwinnett Coalition for Health & Human Services 2014-2018 Strategic Plan: Goals & Strategies

Basic Needs  |  Education  |  Safety  |  Health & Well-Being  |  Community Relations & Engagement  |  Economic & Financial Stability

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Basic Needs

GOAL 1 – All Gwinnett individuals, families and communities have access to housing.
Increase access and availability of affordable housing to low income families and individuals.
– Increase access to emergency and transitional housing.

GOAL 2 – All Gwinnett individuals, families and communities have access to community resources to support their basic needs.
– Increase access to information and resources for individuals and families in need.
– Increase community awareness of and access to emergency assistance resources.
– Increase access and awareness of meal programs and supplemental food resources.

GOAL 3 – All Gwinnett individuals, families and communities have improved mobility options.
– Increase access to transportation for individuals and families.


GOAL 1 – All Gwinnett individuals, families and communities are literate.
– Increase availability and access to affordable literacy resources.

GOAL 2 – All Gwinnett individuals and families have access to affordable and quality early child care and education.
– Ensure children are ready to learn.

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GOAL 1 – All Gwinnett individuals, families and communities are prepared in the event of an emergency or disaster.
– Increase access to emergency preparedness resources for individuals with functional and access needs through information dissemination.
– Increase capacity to address emergency preparedness issues for individuals with functional and access needs through training and community partnerships.

GOAL 2 – All Gwinnett individuals, families and communities are free from crime.
– Reduce crime through community crime prevention strategies.
– Increase access to information on community resources that address crime and violence prevention.

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Health & Well-Being

GOAL 1 – All Gwinnett individuals, families and communities have access to a coordinated, integrated health care system.
– Expand awareness of community health care services.
– Expand availability of health care services for the uninsured and underinsured.

GOAL 2 – All Gwinnett individuals and families live in healthy environments, engage in healthy behaviors and avoid risky behaviors.
– Reduce commercial access to alcohol by minors.
– Reduce social access to alcohol in the home and other venues by changing the culture and context of Gwinnett to one that does not promote or accept underage alcohol use.
– Reduce access to prescription drugs in the home and community for misuse or illegal purposes.
– Implement peer-to-peer strategies that shift the social norm from one that accepts and glamorizes marijuana use to one that does not support or condone it.
– Educate the public, community leaders and elected officials about the negative community and behavioral consequences related to passage of medical marijuana laws in other states.
– Encourage city councils to pass tobacco free parks ordinances.
– Encourage businesses, faith-based groups and other community organizations to pass policies to support healthy lifestyles.
– Educate families and caregivers on the mental health issues impacting seniors.
– Increase the capacity of organizations to promote prevention and positive youth development.

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Community Relations & Engagement

GOAL 1 – All Gwinnett individuals and families understand and appreciate the diversity of the community.
– Ensure Coalition Board membership represents all sectors and demographics.
– Ensure that all Gwinnett residents and agencies improve their level of cultural competence.

Goal 2 – All Gwinnett individuals and families are engaged in leadership and/or volunteerism for the community.
– Encourage people in Gwinnett to embrace the importance of community through Gwinnett Great Days of Service.
– Establish and expand relationships with local and regional media to increase awareness about Gwinnett Great Days of Service.
– Increase availability of youth and family friendly volunteer opportunities in the community.
– Increase participation and diversity in youth and adult leadership opportunities.
– Increase volunteer opportunities.

Goal 3 – The Gwinnett Community will work collaboratively to address the health and human service needs of the community.
– Ensure that the Coalition’s ongoing assessment of community needs and resources is data driven and comprehensive.
– Increase the capacity of the Coalition and community to address local issues and concerns.
– Ensure the Coalition’s strategic planning process is ongoing and inclusive.
– Ensure the Coalition’s strategic plan is implemented, documented, monitored, evaluated and reported.
– Establish a uniform process for accountability, monitoring and evaluation adjustments.
– Increase inter-agency communication and access to services.

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Economic & Financial Stability

Goal 1 – All Gwinnett individuals and families can access opportunities for financial stability.
– Increase collaboration with Partnership Gwinnett, the United Way and other community groups that are addressing economic development and self sufficiency.
– Increase awareness and access to financial and employment support services.
– Increase access to employment and educational opportunities for youth.

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