2021 Strategic Plan

Our Vision:

All residents of Gwinnett County have the opportunity to thrive

Our Mission:

Drive positive community impact

Strategic Impact Model

The Coalition will evolve and become the lead organization for Gwinnett County community development. A “collective impact” approach that brings people and organizations together in a structured way to achieve social change will be implemented. Key elements of collective impact include a common agenda, shared measurement, mutually reinforcing activities, and continuous communication. The framework, to be more fully established in the coming months, will prioritize a few strategic issues, leverage subject matter experts and community partners to develop and test solutions and scale success to effect sustainable systemic change.

3-Goal Strategic Plan

Goal 1:

Lead Systems Change

Prioritize and focus on efforts that drive impact on critical and complex issues that result in systemic change, moving the needle on key community indicators.


Goal 2:

Align Organization for Impact

Develop appropriate structure and business model to support the organization’s mission and work.

Goal 3:

Sustainability and Funding

Secure funding to support planning and convening, and the structure to support systems change and strategic impact in Gwinnett County.

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