2019 - 2021 Gwinnett Coalition Strategic Plan

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Priority Area 1:

Strengthening Individuals

GOAL 1: Reduce the prevalence of preventable and treatable health and social conditions

Objective 1.1

Increase people living safe and healthy lifestyles

Objective 1.2

Increase services to address physical and mental health

Objective 1.3

Prevent and reduce the use and abuse of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs

Priority Area 2:

Strengthening Communities

GOAL 2: Improve and maintain the foundations of a healthy and diverse community

Objective 2.1

Increase access to stable and affordable housing options

Objective 2.2

Increase access to community resources that promote social and financial stability

Objective 2.3

Increase access to affordable food and encourage healthy eating

Objective 2.4

Engaging the community in leadership and volunteer opportunities

Objective 2.5

Promote and enhance diversity inclusion throughout the community

Priority Area 3:

Strengthening Highlighted Populations

GOAL 3: Achieve equity and eliminate disparities by connecting and investing in people

Objective 3.1

Increase services to address the needs of older adults

Objective 3.2

Increase services to address the needs for Veterans and Military Families

Objective 2.3

Increase access quality of services to address the needs of children and youth

Objective 3.4

Increase resources and training to support positive family development

Objective 3.5

Increase access to information, resources and services regarding physical and intellectual disability