Priority Area 3: Highlighting Populations

Priority Area 3: Strengthening Highlighted Populations

GOAL 3: Achieve equity and eliminate disparities by connecting and investing in people

Objective 3.1 – Increase services to address the needs for older adults

Strategy 3.1-1 Increase access and awareness of meal programs and supplemental food resources for older adults


  • – Explore expansion of community gardens for senior populations.
  • – Formulate senior food boxes program to increase distribution of food to seniors in Gwinnett County.

Related Committees: Emergency Assistance Action Team

Community Indicators

Objective 3.2 – Increase services to address the needs for Military Veterans and their Families

Strategy 3.2-1Provide one-stop shop for Veterans in Gwinnett County through the Gwinnett County Veterans Resource Center


  • – Develop a marketing plan for the Gwinnett County Veterans Resource Center BY 2021.
  • – Annually increase public awareness of the Gwinnett Veterans Resource Center through social media, events, and volunteer opportunities.
  • Recruit 10 new agencies to provide resources serviced through the Gwinnett Veterans Resource Center by 2021.
  • – Recruit and maintain 20 new volunteers to help daily operations of the Gwinnett Veterans Resource Center. Implement and host 3 job fairs per year for Veterans in Gwinnett County.
  • – Provide up to date information about community mental health services for Veteran military families.
  • – Increase numbers of agencies collaborating with the Center from 43 in 2019 to 65 in 2021.
  • – Increase numbers of active volunteers from 240 per year to 300.

Related Committees: VetCorps
Service Provider: Gwinnett Veterans Resource Center

Community Indicators

Objective 3.3 – Increase access and quality of services to address the needs of children and youth

Strategy 3.3-1: Support smooth transitions from Pre K to Kindergarten


  • – Host annual meet and greet to foster and facilitate conversation between pre K and K teachers, administrators, directors, etc. to foster vertical alignment conversation.

Related Committees: Early Learning

Sub Strategy 3.3-2: Provide Early Learning education to parents


  • – Create and annually maintain a digital resource for parents that support early learning.
  • – Have parents receive “Counting up to Kindergarten” information packets at 18-month WIC visits.

Related Committees: Early Learning

Sub Strategy 3.3-3: Improve Child Center Quality


  • – Conduct annual Quality Rated training conference.
  • – Host Annual Quality Rated provider appreciation event.
  • – Increase the number of agencies that are quality rated in Gwinnett from 116 in 2018 to 267 in 2021.

Related Committees: Early Learning

Community Indicators

Objective 3.4 – Increase resources and training to support positive family development

Strategy 3.4-1: Create parent engagement forum for Positive Youth Development


  • – Host a least 2 community forums per year to build a culture of family preservation by connecting parents with adult support, job, and education resources.
  • – Create a process and maintain regular information sharing to parents through library, YMCA, parks, doctor’s office, health department etc.

Related Committees: Positive Youth & Family Development

Community Indicators

Objective 3.5 – Increase access to information, resources and services for intellectual and developmental disabilities


Strategy 3.5-1: Provide connection, resources, and awareness opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities


  • – Plan and implement an annual educational event to address the challenges faced by those with disabilities.
  • – Host an annual advocacy legislative event tied into a Proclamation Day.
  • – Establish a one-stop-shop where one could go for support information.
  • – Increase number likes on Facebook posts from 100 to 500 by 2021.
  • – Serve 10 individuals or families with disability resources by January 2020 at the 1 Stop Shop.
  • – Develop a volunteer program for the 1 Stop Shop by January 2020.

Related Committees: Gwinnett Disability Resource Connection

Community Indicators

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