Gwinnett Community Health Improvement Plan

The Gwinnett Community Health Improvement Plan was created through the collaborative partnership between the Gwinnett Coalition, the Gwinnett County Health Department, and the Gwinnett Hospital System. Data reported in this plan come from various sources of wide spread community input including: focus groups, town hall meetings, key informant interviews, Gwinnett Helpline referral data, and youth surveys. The current health improvement plan is focused into three priority areas, Strengthening Individuals, Strengthening Communities, and Strengthening Highlighted Populations.

We encourage you to take a deeper look into our community plan and consider how you or your organization can contribute to reaching the results we aim to achieve.

Priority area 1 includes objectives regarding safe and healthy lifestyles, physical and mental health, and the use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

Priority area 2 includes objectives regarding safe and affordable housing options, social and financial stability, affordable food and volunteerism.

Priority area 3 includes objectives related to the needs of children and youth, Military Veterans and their families, and individuals with intellectual and developmental disability.

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