What is the Gwinnett Coalition?

The Gwinnett Coalition is a nonprofit organization working alongside local nonprofits, faith-based organizations, government and business leaders, and concerned citizens to champion health equity, mental and behavioral health, and nonprofit capacity building to advance health and well-being for all Gwinnettians.

Health Equity

Partnering with our community, we are increasing access to affordable, quality healthcare resources and empowering residents to self-advocate through health literacy education.

Mental and Behavioral Health

We champion the well-being of our youth and are building a resilient Gwinnett through a community-based approach to trauma prevention and intervention.

Nonprofit Capacity Building

We work to strengthen Gwinnett’s nonprofit ecosystem by connecting and equipping organizations with resources to increase operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Mission

Lead systems change to advance equity and address complex social issues.

Our Vision

Strategically aligned leadership, resources, and systems that foster equity and prosperity for Gwinnett.

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