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In order to solve Gwinnett’s problems, we have to work together and try new things, so we need to build a better informed community who is ready to activate to be a part of the solution.


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About the Gwinnett Coalition

For over 30 years, the Gwinnett Coalition served as a convening and planning agency dedicated to improving the well-being of the community. In partnership with public health and hospital officials as well as collaboration with local human services providers, the Coalition produced five Community Health Improvement Plans that strengthened individuals, families, and the community.

Today, Gwinnett County is comprised of nearly one million residents, a mosaic of individuals who hail from every corner of the world and represent a variety of cultures, languages, and belief systems. As well, our community and the sectors comprised therein (business, government, nonprofit, education, healthcare, etc.) are becoming increasingly interdependent.

In order to effectively address Gwinnett County’s most complex issues, the Gwinnett Coalition utilizes a collective impact approach that requires broad cross-sector coordination. The collective impact framework includes developing a common agenda for change, creating shared measures to document progress, aligning change agents so their work reinforces each other, and forging the trust and relationships for sustainable change. The overarching goal is to “move the needle” and create lasting positive change so all residents
can thrive.

col•lec•tive im•pact
/kəˈlektiv ˈimˌpakt/ (noun)

An effective form of cross-sector collaboration to address complex community challenges.

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